Coming Up and Going On

Current goings-on for The Rhenish Journal will be available here.

The Passion Project

Ladies, we know that you all have passion in you and we want to see it! That’s why the theme for The Rhenish Journal’s noticeboard is passion – and we want your creativity to cover the board. Enter creative pieces on The Rhenish Journal home page and see your art displayed at school.

The Thursday Essay

Every week, on a Thursday, five minutes before second break, something changes. It’s a subtle change. People reach for their tablets slightly faster than they might have on any normal day. A few more heads are bent to their screens during second break than there might have been on any normal day. Birds fluttering by find that it is just that bit more silent on the Rhenish grounds than on any normal day.

Why? Because on Thursdays, we read.

Because Thursday is Essay Day.

Every Thursday, just before second break, the Rhenish Journal will be posting a brand new essay written by a Rhenisher (maybe it’s a friend, maybe someone you know from afar) for you to read and enjoy.

So keep your eyes peeled, and your fingers at your screens – be sure not to miss it!

100 Word Competition – A Great Success!

Congratulations to Jordan Dowd and Lena Kastner for their winning stories: Why She Left and He Was Leaving Her Behind.

The competition judges were very impressed with the standard of the entries. Entries will be posted throughout exam time, so be sure to have a look!


2 thoughts on “Coming Up and Going On

  1. .

    I would like to manage the Instagram account. I would make it fun and be creative and post things that will make it show the strong bond between all our sisters

    1. We love the enthusiasm! Unfortunately, applications closed a while back. If you have inspiration, consider going to the new management and asking where you can get involved in the journal!

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