Those times were very different …

Those times were very different. I was young and naïve. I thought that everything worked out in the end and that there was always a happy ending. However, it took one sentence to change my mind, and nothing could undo the damage.

It was a couple of months ago, but it feels like an eternity. I had a good life, a family that loved me and friends that supported me. I was top in academics and I did well in sport, but that one night destroyed me. The memories flash through my mind. They are rough and difficult to control, just like the raging storm at the time. I couldn’t grip onto anything, my hands fumbled for something to protect me, as the car lifted off the ground.

One bounce, four screams. The next bounce, three screams. The last bounce, silence. I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t move. I was pinned down by the weight of the car, a sharp object digging into my side, but I was alive and conscious.

My vision was blurred and the world was spinning around me. There was nothing I could do to make it right. My ears strained to hear movement, but silence was the only thing that reined. The wait felt like hours, but finally, sirens shattered the dead night. The black area surrounding me was suddenly illuminated by flashing blue lights, but still, I had to wait.

I tried to call for help, I tried to make them notice me, but my voice had vanished. I had lost hope, when finally, footsteps beat against the ground, making their way towards me. “There’s a girl over here,” someone yelled. Strong hands grabbed me and pulled me through a hole nearby. I was out in the open, with people coming to my rescue.

Wrapped in several blankets, I was placed in the back of an ambulance, and treated for my wounds. I was given water, tea and food and finally found my voice. People came, told me their names and asked hundreds of questions. However, when I asked questions about my family, they all gave me strained looks and said that I would be told soon enough.

A lady walked up to me and told me her name. She asked me a few questions and then finally answered mine. That’s when my world shattered around me. I couldn’t breathe. I felt like something was attacking me. One thought was flashing against the darkness of my mind, “I am an orphan.”

That’s when my world changed, I couldn’t control anything and I lost everything. My brother was the only one who was still with me, but my parents and my sister were gone. I prayed for the times before the accident, but they are so different. I lost everything and all because of one thing that changed my life forever.


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