About TRJ

This is a creative space where Rhenishers can celebrate and share their creativity.

We share a variety of creative pieces, including drawings, poems, essays and much more.

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Regular Posts and Events

We have some regular incoming streams of creativity:

  • select essays from the most recent Paper III English exam
  • general submissions from our creative Rhenish learners

Watch this space for incoming creative flow!


If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to ask in the comments below or pop an e-mail to journaleditor@rhenish.co.za.

Q: Can I submit videos and audio files?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t publish videos or audio files. You can post your piece elsewhere online and send the link to The Journal, and we can post the link.

Q: Can my piece be posted anonymously?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I submit my piece anonymously?

A: No. The Journal needs your name to verify that you are, indeed, a Rhenisher.

History of The Rhenish Journal

Paper III essays.

They are what started this whole thing.

Paper III is written twice a year by the whole school, yet almost none of the essays from these exams ever see the light of day.

And what about creative works in general? What about board art? What about poetry, what about the art from the P.J. Olivier art students? Where is their art displayed? Where can Rhenishers find and consume Rhenish creativity?

And so the Journal was born as an answer to this question – a place to celebrate creativity and to share the pieces that we create.

In 2016, the Journal posted its first post with one person on the team.

Now, we are moving into a new and exciting time, where the next generation of Journalers take over.