The Whistle by Michaela Budge

There it is again. The whistle. She spins around. The land is vacant except for the forest on her left. She ran across the field, trying to reach the noise. She’s almost there, when it sounds again. She stops stop short, meters from the sharp divider. Footsteps. The person is on the run. She follows […]

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Incognito by Aiden Louw

When you live incognito your life becomes dependent on a hunch. You’ll eat intuition for breakfast and sip on ice cold paranoia at lunch. Every truth you tell turns into the best lie. Nobody knows who you are because you never take off your mask. When you’re incognito you’ll get away with a lot but […]

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A Father’s Tears by Bitota Mbaya

In the town of Maracow, peace once reigned before danger took over, criminals were everywhere, they robbed, killed and kidnapped. There lived a father and daughter who were extremely poor. The relationship between Mr. Albert and his daughter, became very strong after losing the rest of their family members. With no choice, Mr. Albert would […]

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If only I… by Robyn Truter

Eight years old, he thought back to three days ago. His best friend, Tracy had just admitted that she’d stolen his chocolate. “I hate you!” He had shouted, swallowing his guilt. ‘I’ll apologise later,’ he thought. Running, she hadn’t seen the car… until it was too late. Through shouts and ambulances, he’d known that she […]

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Stars by Alexandra Osborn

She never thought it would come to this. They were standing together on the precipice, holding hands like the grip they had was their lifeline. He always thought he would be alone. They gazed at the stars, shrouded by the haze of city lights; who would think that such amazing creations could be hidden by […]

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