Happy 156th, Rhenish!

See above: A sample of what Rhenish means to Rhenishers: it's basically a mix of the wacky, the too-true and the relatable. Rhenish had a birthday! About two weeks ago. Why is there a post about this? Well... A great idea came to life on Rhenish's birthday (thanks, Priyanka!): Rhenishers were asked to write down …

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Our Twitter (@RhenishJournal)

  Look! We're on twitter now. #SharingIsCaring β€” The Rhenish Journal (@RhenishJournal) April 29, 2016 Tweets by @RhenishrelataJournal

Hello World!

Hello, Rhenishers. You found it. This is The Rhenish Journal. The Rhenish Journal is an outlet for the creativity of any Rhenish girl. It's a new thing, the first Rhenish creative blog. Student-run, student-supported. Well, not supported yet. And that's the job of this piece of writing. I have created a frame and now, I …

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