Growing-By Jessica van der Merwe

You sowed your seeds of wisdom You watered them with your love You warmed them with your smile You fertilized them with your knowledge   But just as they began to grow It was time for you to go (Because you have many more seeds to sow)  


The Whispering Willow by Emma Brand

I wish to have a willow At the end of my garden Under which I’d share noon tea With those who make me laugh.   I wish to have a willow Whose delicate branches Hang their heads in shame To weep with when I am sad.   I wish to have a willow Peeking out …

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I Come From A Cold Floor by Emma Brand

I come from movement Choreographed to music, Creating flawless lines And extended limbs.   I come from a studio With a cold floor, Spacious high ceilings, And old metal barres.   I come from pointed toes And soaring leaps, From controlled turns And deep contractions.   I come from a group of dancers That have …

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“dear black girl” by Yvonne Makwara

dear black girl, when they ostracize you for the kinkiness of your mane, mock you for the thickness of your lips, caricature the voluptuousness of your stature, scorn you for the stretch marks that trail your physique, plagiarise and appropriate your culture, intoxicate your mind with lies about your mahogany skin, terrorise your bliss, colonise …

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​Table for two, drinks for one by Estelle Hislop

Trigger warning: character death ‘I’m going to make an honest woman of you.’ The phone erupts in a squeal of excited squeals as Bonnie flings a torrent of incoherent exclamations down the line. I smile at her fingers-down-the –chalkboard impersonation and mutter a few more platitudes before inviting her to a romantic dinner at my …

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Falling by Louise Beyers

"The mountains continue far into the distance. Every now and again, you can see a town nestled in a valley, rich with the life of the forest. Each town is different. Perhaps one catches your eye, does so because it is almost noticeable, hidden by leaves and a rocky outcrop." "I could tell you about …

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​ “It is lonely here where I am …” by Emma Reid

I am surrounded by loving family, the result of a fruitful life, and in my arms I hold the latest addition … my first grandchild. My heart seems to claw at its ribcage in an effort to express its joy and gratitude at this perfect miracle, but I would be lying if I said that …

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​Walking the path … by Cailin Joubert

Our feet made crunching noises as we walked down the path. Daniel said it reminded him of the sound your straw makes when you push it into your milkshake. The sky was dark - it looked like a stain on a grey shirt when you accidentally spill water on it. All around us, leafless trees …

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They turned to face each other by Holley Wilson

They turned to face each other when the land they had left slipped off the horizon. They faced each other and between them and all around them was not only a vast, vast sea filled with unimaginable dangers, but the life they had left too. That life, had become barely worth living as they starved …

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The Whistle by Michaela Budge

There it is again. The whistle. She spins around. The land is vacant except for the forest on her left. She ran across the field, trying to reach the noise. She’s almost there, when it sounds again. She stops stop short, meters from the sharp divider. Footsteps. The person is on the run. She follows …

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