Falling by Louise Beyers

“The mountains continue far into the distance. Every now and again, you can see a town nestled in a valley, rich with the life of the forest. Each town is different. Perhaps one catches your eye, does so because it is almost noticeable, hidden by leaves and a rocky outcrop.” “I could tell you about […]

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If only I… by Robyn Truter

Eight years old, he thought back to three days ago. His best friend, Tracy had just admitted that she’d stolen his chocolate. “I hate you!” He had shouted, swallowing his guilt. ‘I’ll apologise later,’ he thought. Running, she hadn’t seen the car… until it was too late. Through shouts and ambulances, he’d known that she […]

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Back to black by Piya Igwe

Trigger warning: mentions of depression and drug use. Society has convinced us the use of drugs is “immoral” and “bad”. When associated with celebrities we find ourselves in a dilemma: should we be honouring them for their talent or shaming them for their immorality? Teens are highly impressionable. The use of drugs can set a […]

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