Ek brand saam by Nobody Special

Die honde kef hul klaagliedere in die nag en die serenes van opeenhopende krete van desperate, opgevlamde misdaad huil in die verte Die gruis kraak op die treinspore onder ñ sluierende volmaan en hy neurie ñ liedjie in lank vergete woorde Sy oë is rooi, dit maak hom rustig, laat hom verlore laat hom vergeet […]

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Rain by Anonymous

You reminded me of rain Fresh and hope of something new Before I met you all I felt was the unforgiving storms of life The harsh winds of love and regret the thunder of heart break But then the sky opened and the fresh rain poured I hoped that you’d bring a brighter day One […]

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Example Page by Louise Beyers

Void of a poem to write, I sit. It is not inspiration that taps on my shoulder And draws me to sit like this, Nor is it excitement. No, it is the strict professional need for some throwaway example That is my incentive and my inspiration. My means to an end, I provide simple, worked […]

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Poetry by Mila Soltau

Swiftly through the trees I go Silent as the panther stalking. If you see me you have wonder eyes If you don’t you are but mortal. Silence is my friend, So make a noise And you become my enemy. If you have heard the trees talking You will know me as the Hunter. What the […]

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