The Team

Say hello to the Journalers – we who make the magic happen!


Head: Michaela Budge

I’m the editor of The Rhenish Journal and really appreciate any feedback or ideas that you can give, so feel free to email me! I enjoy writing and you’ll find a few of my essays in The Journal.

 Advertising: Hannah Chemaly

Hannah Chemaly
I head up the advertising portfolio for the Rhenish Journal. I make visual advertisements to advertise the Journal and current projects. I enjoy painting and being creative! I am passionate about saving the environment as I want future generations to be able to see the beauty of our natural world as we see it today. I combine my passions of conservation and creativity by creating artworks that depict the beauty and fragility of our natural environment.

Instagram: Jenna Van Blerk

Jenna VB
I’m Jenna and I’m the Instagram manager of the Rhenish journal. I enjoy photography and editing videos and pictures.

Submissions: Naa’ila Khan

I receive all of the submissions for competitions as well as general content. I then publish them on the Rhenish Journal. My hobbies include hiking, reading, kayaking, philosophy and listening to strange old music.

Website Manager: Katie Green

katie green
I’m involved with changing the appearance of the website and adapting the website. I enjoy reading, writing and design.

Liason: Jessica Van Der Merwe

I’m the journal liaison and I liaise with the art school and teachers to get essays and art for the journal. I enjoy drawing and painting in my free time as well as doing community service