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Michaela Budge: Editor


Jenna Van Blerk: Instagram

Jenna VB

Katie Green: Website Manager

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Ainsley Wilson: Congrats Page and Essays

Ainsley wilson

Alec Coles

Alec Coles

Jahan Ebrahim

Jahan Ebrahim
Hi everyone! I’m in charge of the vlog section of The Rhenish Journal. So if you’re a blogger, have a YouTube channel or anything creative then send me an email and we can make a plan to feature you on the blog! I enjoy making/editing videos too. So I am super happy to be talking with other Rhenishers with the same interest! 💗

Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams
Hi, all! I’m Shannon Williams and I am on the advice column for the Rhenish Journal. Feel free to contact me on my Instagram handle @shanniegirl_xoxo or on my email: I’m looking forward to chatting with you and helping out where I can!

Lindiwe Maquasha

Lindiwe Maquasha
Hi everyone !My name is Lindiwe Maqasha and I’m in grade 10 .I’ll be bringing all the hot news to you all .These include teachers getting engaged and fellow Rhenish sisters succeeding and doing the most in life .I’ll make sure to deliver the latest and most spoken of news to you, you’ll be the most updated in your class .So if you think you know of some hot news that you would like me to write about slide in my dm’s on Instagram: @singleisanunderstatement_ Gmail: Twitter: @mzansicardi_ Facebook : @Lindiwe Maqasha Don’t be afraid to slide ,my dm’s/pm’s are open to everyone and anyone ,if there is any social platform I’m missing tell me (-:

Lauren Claassen: Advice

Lauren Claassen
I’m Lauren Claassen and believe to some degree that I can give you solid life advice. I may be less qualified than a therapist, but hey, at least this is free. I love helping others and shockingly enough, giving advice, so you can dm me at the Rhenish Journal on Instagram, post on our website or even email me a

Zia February: Exciting Things

Zia February